features to get the song out of your head
and out to the world
Song Mode
It’s never been easier to combine lyrics and chords together.
Just tap to add a chord, and drag to move it. No more mashing spacebars!
Quick Record
Just want to record something fast?
Record a quick idea with one tap, and develop it into a full song when you’re ready.
When you’re ready to share your song, VCVCBC makes it easy.
Lyric Mode
Write or copy lyrics into VCVCBC.
When you’re ready to add chords, your space between lines will determine the sections.
For your convenience, a great rhyming dictionary is built-in (requires online connectivity).
Melody Mode
When there’s a melody in your head, you want to get it recorded before it’s lost.
Figure out the key and scale fast with the simple voice keyboard.
We’ll highlight the key and scale, but leave all the notes, just in case.
Or, if you prefer the comfort of the piano keyboard, it’s here for you as well.
Chord Mode
Select a key, and choose from one of our 20+ chord progressions to get started.
Want more control? Make your own chords with our easy and powerful chord builder.
Strum the on-screen guitar strings to try your own strumming patterns.
Rhythm Mode
Standard, easy-to-use drum pads help you record a rhythm fast.
Use one of four built-in kits to get a quick feel of the rhythm you’re after.
Some ideas just need to get out without worrying about a tempo,
but sometimes you want to be more precise.
Open the metronome, set a level, and tap to set the tempo quickly.
Need to record exactly at 143 BPM?
Do it.
Organize Your Music
Browse through your ideas by type. Sort them by title, date, key or tempo.
Pull down a bit to search through your ideas and songs.
Here’s a fun songwriting exercise.
Hit the inspiration button to randomly generate a quote, joke or phrase.
Try to write a song based on it.
Our next feature? You decide.
Vote on one of the features below.
When we hit our current goal, the feature with the most votes will go into active development.
Current goal: 500 Twitter followers
Grand Piano We'll head out to record
the best-sounding piano
we can find.
Quantization A big word that means
we can clean up your
rhythm automatically.
Bass Make your bassline
ideas sound like an
awesome bass.
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